Nanotechnology Platform for Drug Delivery and Targeted Therapeutic Nanomedicine


 “Targeting Therapeutic Nanoparticles”

Difficult to heal wounds, chronic wounds, and wounds that will not heal often require three to four treatments by professionals before being presented to a specialty wound care clinic for advanced wound care treatment.
The nDS Wound Healing Platform is designed for product line growth by producing additional products with different wound healing agents, specific to wound care professional requested treatment protocols.
Delivery of superior wound healing solution (rapid wound closure/minimal scaring) to wound sites in a contained, inexpensive, and effective manner.

Product Offering:

  • Core product offers an inexpensive drug delivery system and an advanced wound healing solution platform for the Wound Management Market.
  • An inexpensive Negative Pressure Device and Wound Healing System
  • Compettitively priced with available product offerings designed to decrease costs of wound care for both Advanced and Active Markets
  • Reimbursement codes exist today with FDA 510K medical device regulation
  • Sold via established sales agents and world wide distributors.

"Management of acute and chronic wounds is a challenge in medicine, and new dressings are needed to improve the healing process. If there is one that works, it would be great"
March 6, 2010. The National Institutes of Health, Center for Special Review

Figure 1. (a) nanogel; (b) spray application; (c) therapy & protection
"The development of a dressing that can sequentially deliver growth factors, antimicrobials, and inhibitors of biofilms would be a significant advance"
March 6, 2010. The National Institutes of Health, Center for Special Review

Burn Wound Sepsis remains the most common and serious complication of major burn injury, accounting for over 60% of deaths in burn patients today. High Profits are assured for the product that solves this patient unmet need. Anti-Bacterial Nanogel Spray for Treatment and of Drug-Resistant Pathogen Infection in Burn Wounds.